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Ukraine, Kyiv
Mass media website design & development for the Ukrainian MassMedia/Information Agency “Klymenko Time”.
Mass media agency can’t exist without an effective and useful website. That was the core goal, when we met with the customer. According to the niche, there was a list of requirements for necessary implementation. It is a very interesting project for such a huge live media business. Visit website
Well-thought structure

The whole website was divided into few logical segments, and for each segment we’ve created its own structure and the type of the animation and content interaction logic.

News Category Page

One interesting feature during the creation process was that most of the inner pages were very similar to the Home page, but the order of the blocks and some active elements make that page totally different. So, it’s about a dynamic content. In that case we've created the parent page as a basis of the usable blocky structure.

Content, content, content

When you have to deal with the texts and sometimes photos among the whole website it’s very important to create an eye-pleasured view, in that case the users will have no troubles reading it for a long time.
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Mobile version

For the mass media website it’s a must have - all the fresh and hot news most of the people read from the mobile devices. That’s why we made a well-thought mobile version with a useful interface for the finger interaction.
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