One Skins

CS GO Steam Shop

Conversion-driven e-Commerce Website Design for the CS GO Steam Shop “One Skins”.
World famous game CS GO and the customer’s business as an online steam shop for the items of this game. The main idea that users can login with their steam account and use this website as a marketplace. For these goals was a need to create a conversion focused web design in firm game style.

This e-commerce website is from the niche of cybersport, where the users like to do everything as fast as possible, that’s why we had that idea as a man in our minds. We’ve created the interface with Usability and Game features focus.

CS GO Style

The website design was made in classic CS GO style, because from the first seconds the user should understand that he is on the right way and here he will be in comfort. We’ve used game elements, styled icons and of course a lot of the images of the goods from the game.

Game items

As to the fact that in the game there are thousands of the items and their parameters and types, we’ve learnt that niche and during creation were totally understanding each block and image that we’re using, so the design is like it was created by a player-designer.
  • Mobile
  • Mobile
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Mobile version

Of course, in the gaming niche the good and useful mobile version is a must. Target audience of the website One Skins is gamers, so they know the salt of the Earth. We developed it according to the best rules of the responsive web design.
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