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We are Team of Web Developers
Eight years of practice and hundreds of projects have taught us how to create effective websites for business.
Web Development
Create responsive, elaborate, trend Websites using the modern stack of technologies
UX/UI Web Design
Build detailed User Interfaces and look freshly and progressively at the Design.
Web Analytics
Collect and analyze behavioral data for the further steps of the Conversion Rate increase.

How we work

A close research of the Website niche. Analyze the user data that is available at the moment of development. Use our experience and creativity, getting a fresh project idea.
Create a UX-Prototype and UI-Web Design for the Website with subsequent Front-End implementation. Build up the required functionality and test before launching live traffic.
The Website is ready, traffic is live. We analyze user behavior, measure Conversion Rate, test hypotheses. The stage of working and progressive development of the Website begins.
These three components create an effective Website for business.
We become partners with our customers for years and think over the extension and implement new ideas.
Website Creation
Project idea
The heart of every project is an idea. It is the idea that we pick up, develop and wrap in web technologies.
Niche and competitor analysis
Only after collecting information about the environment in which you have to compete, we begin development.
Target Audience
The target audience is your potential customers. We draw up a CJM and User Flows, take into account all the pains and desires.
Concept creation
The Concept is a completely thought-out idea that, with the help of Wireframes, takes on a real shape.
UX Structure creation
We think over the effective structure of the Website and all unique pages with a focus on Usability.
UI WebDesign creation
We create a fresh WebDesign taking into account the latest trends. The visual should correlate with the niche and target audience.
Created Website is responsive, with an admin panel and with the possibility of adding new ideas in the future.
Testing and bug fixing
As a customer, you will get the Website only after iterations of finding and fixing bugs by our side.
Transfer to live hosting
The correct configuration of the customer’s hosting determines the stability and speed of the Website, which is important.
Web analytics and Conversion
The end of Website Development is the beginning of a long analysis and search for new ideas and progress paths.
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