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Creation Process

We see ourselves as part of your business, and help to suggest, refine, develop and implement further ideas to improve your business

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The essence of an effective website for your business is in the next three items:

Business Ideation

Comprehensive website’s business niche research. Analyze the Target Audience. Use this data, our experience and creativity to develop an effective unique concept.


Create UX/UI Web Design with subsequent Front-End & WordPress implementation. Building up the required functionality and testing before launching with the live traffic.

Support & Evolution

Fully functioning website with live traffic is under analysis of user behavior and conversion rate. Corrections and updates during the whole life of the website.

Due to these three stages we become partners for years. Together we think over the growth and implementation of new ideas for your business.

Process in Details

These points are canonical for each project and all the details depend on the project specifics.

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First Touch

The customer is exploring our “at least” terms given to him when forming a cover letter in response to his project request (or a job posting) or in our Upwork profile

Second Touch

Basic estimation is suitable for the customer, he is interested. Prepayment 10% from “Basic” for his type of the project. Initializing the final terms calculation.

“Functional Prototype” Document

We form the final written description of the structure and functionality for all pages, blocks and modules of the future website. This document and all the requirements from the customer forms the final scope of work and the final estimation.

Agreement Signing

Based on the previous point we form the document for a sign, that means the vision of the customer’s project is the same for both sides and 100% agreed.

The Real Content

We ask the customer to provide the real content which will be added to the Functional Prototype. In that case all the works will be with the real structure - it’s an important moment for a solid creation process.

Web Analytics

We analyze existing data: business goals, GA indicators of the conversion & user behaviour, competitors, target audience, marketing channels etc.

Concept Creation. Part 1

Based on the collected data we create a unique custom concept for the realization of the customer’s business goals with the website. The result is a UX Prototype.

Concept Creation. Part 2

The second part of the Concept is the Home page UI Design. The idea takes on custom visualization with an emphasis on details and the designer’s features.

Inner Pages UI Design

Approved home page design version becomes a fundament for the creation of all unique internal pages.

Tablet & Mobile Design Layouts + UI Kit

For the qualitative and useful responsiveness of the website all the versions of the layouts should be created by the designer. And the UI kit is a must for all active elements.

Animation Guide

We create interactive custom websites, so the animation should be well-thought and relevant. Actually, it's a necessary part of the concept.

FrontEnd & WordPress

We use only custom and naked stack, no templates and purchased themes. As a result the website is created responsive, stable, with the full functionality and with a useful admin panel without garbage.

Testing & Debugging

We test the website with all browsers, in all types of the devices, using such services as Page Speed, w3c validator. Only after a meticulous check it will be shown to the customer.


We take the final version to the customer’s hosting and leave a backup for ourselves.The iteration of the website creation completes.

Maintenance & Evolution

We focus on the Conversion-Driven websites, so the rise of the customer’s business only starts with the website completion and we’re for the long term relationship with updating and evolving.

Since 2014, we have no failure of the concepts that we’ve created for our works, the maximum is corrections.

We firmly decided – the reference point remains constant.

Our Clients

They are from different continents, various countries and cities, but united by our qualified work for their businesses
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