Bricklayer DAO

Blockchain Real Estate Investment DAO

USA, Seattle
Conversion-driven Product-Oriented NFT Blockchain Landing Page creation for the DAO “Bricklayer”
Bricklayer, the 'Real Estate' DAO. A truly unique project on the blockchain underpinned by the safest of asset classes. Visit website
Interactive & Interesting

The main goal was to create something really representative and unusual to underline the specifics of the Bricklayer project.

Authentic style

A collaboration of modern, real estate and construction niches has been taken as a foundation for the concept.

3D interactivity

We’ve created all blocks with interesting 3D animations, plus for the last one the idea even went further - we’ve produced a character named Bricks, who is able to do some simple tasks.
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Mobile version

We didn’t lose any 3D animations or website speed with their usage, so the website is a well working and responsive product.

Client's review

Denis Leontievsky (Co-Founder)
MakeING has done a phenomenal job adding 3D elements to our page. Additionally, they’ve done an incredible custom design of our site — we couldn’t have found a better vendor to do it. Overall, this has been a very good experience, and I’m more than satisfied with their work. MakeING is an impressive group of people; their communication is great, as are their pricing and timeline management.
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