IELTS Exam App

Ukraine, Kyiv
Website design for IELTS test service “Checky9”
The main goal is to improve and facilitate the preparation of students for the IELTS exams worldwide.
Complex structure

As to the 4 main directions: Writing, Speaking, Listening, Reading, - we’ve created 4 Product Pages with one core idea to interact with the user and get him to the best match subscription plan.

Collective Page

One of the pages was created with the global collection for all services.

The value of the Checky9

The mission of this service is to help with the IELTS exams preparation in 4 directions, so the design had a focus to show the solid decision for all of them as a system.
  • Animation
  • Animation
  • Animation

Motion specifics

The emphasis is on light and accurate animation, that won’t divert the user from the content researching.
  • Mobile
  • Mobile
  • Mobile

Mobile layouts

According to the content focused specifics of the Checky9 service, the main task here was to create well readable and structured layouts.
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