Crypto Outlaws

Crypto NFT Landing Page

USA, Austin
Conversion-driven Product-Oriented Crypto Landing Page creation for the Community “Crypto Outlaws”
The Crypto Outlaws is a community of rebels pushing beyond the settled plains of traditional finance, organizational hierarchies, investing and online gambling into the Wild West of crypto. Visit website
Well thought and interactive

The main goal was to create a layout, which will bring an interest for each user who will arrive at this Landing Page, and we’ve met success with it.

Extraordinary style

It was interesting to mix two independent and distant eras - Wild West and Crypto Cyberpunk.

3D & motion animation

We’ve put our passion and interest into the creation of the animated objects, as a result we’ve created a solid and very stylish feeling for the layout.
  • Mobile
  • Mobile
  • Mobile

Mobile version

The happiest fact for us in this project was to save all the animation on the mobile layout without any doubts for the loading speed and responsiveness.
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1€ mln annual turnover
200k spare parts

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