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Product-Oriented NFT & Blockchain Landing Page creation for the Decentralized Data & Finance Cloud Companies “Cere Network” and “Polygon”
DaVinci is a collaboration of blockchain heavyweights Polygon and Cere Network, backed by the world's notable investors.

Only when combining these groundbreaking technologies, NFTs can reach their full potential. Visit website
NFT & Blockchain niche

Creating a landing page for this product required a deep dive into the trends of this sphere and attention to details with a conversion-rate focus in mind.

Second version

During the process the goal has been changed and we’ve faced the new challenge to create a short 2-screen page to solve both tasks at the same time.

Modern style

One of the requirements at the same time with short terms and very hard work was a need to create a futuristic style for the Landing page to create a feeling for the users that they are on the top of the NFT & blockchain technology.

3D objects

One of the interesting sides of the design we’ve created was animated 3D objects, which gave the layout a totally interactive feeling.
  • Mobile
  • Mobile
  • Mobile

Mobile version

For both layouts we’ve created responsive versions, cause nowadays the traffic from the mobile devices is definitely high.
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