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Health Insurance Company

USA, New York
Conversion-driven Website Design & Development for the New York Health Insurance Company “EssentialCare”.
EssentialCare Insurance Brokerage is a one-stop shop for Small Business, Medicare Advantage and Supplement, as well as Individual and Family health insurance plans for New York and Florida residents. For good presentation of the plans, information and services of the company there was a need to create an effective website. Visit website
Project Goals

The main idea of the customer was to create a website with emphasis on personal guarantees and close relation to the clients. As to the user flow it was necessary to create useful menu and CTA buttons - from this thought the header was developed.

Company’s Credo

The company is handled by two people - the customer and his wife. In this case on the Home page except company’s information with it’s indicators, was placed the photos and the words of the customer as a social proof, to be lighted and closer to the clients.

Design Style

As to the fact that the company is about health insurance we’ve used a rather big amount of the photos in the blocks among the whole website. In connection with a firm red color and some graphic elements using it, it’s looking nice.
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Mobile version

We’ve created useful layouts and then developed a nice one mobile version of the website. The full structure is the same as in the desktop version, but was squeezed to a useful one on mobile devices with all CTA buttons and contact forms.
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