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Ukraine, Kiev
Conversion-driven e-Commerce Website creation for the Ukrainian Coffee Shop “MadHeads
MadHeads is a startup, that’s why it was a creation of the website from scratch. The customer collected full information about their niche and competitors they have, style orienteers they want and that was a pretty nice fact to do our magic. Visit website
Website structure

Deep dive into the business of the customer gave us a lot of understanding of what the main CTA should be on the website and this fact awarded us the right structure.

Concept and integration

The main screen of the Home page is our beloved, cause we succeed with the video background and it is giving the right atmosphere for the whole website.

Product page

The style of the website is black&white and it was very important to save it and give users the most effective way to buy the products and get the full information about each product they need.


For two markets we’ve created Russian and English versions of the website. Of course it made an impact on some moments in the front end, cause translation of the content is creating some specific moments for paddings and positioning.

Video background

Home page is our beloved place on the website, cause we’ve implemented a new technology, when the video background is working very smoothly and stable.
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Mobile version

As standard nowadays, a huge part of the traffic is from mobile devices, so the website should be stable and well working from all types of the devices.
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