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Conversion-driven e-Commerce Portal website Design & FrontEnd development for the Russian Auto Parts Company “Part-Auto”.
Part-Auto is a huge company seller of the auto parts and the task was to create a complicated structural portal. The idea and the concept was to create a useful interface based on Usability and Conversion to prepare it for thousands of users that will use it for a long time. Visit website
Indicators of the company:


annual growth of all indicators with our website

1 mln


6 mln

auto parts


Users behaviour focus

Specific of the portal was it’s BackEnd, which needs a good visual realization - Design. The model is built around Personal Account of each user and useful interaction with millionth databases of the auto parts with vendor codes. This complicated system had a need to be well-thought and presented for the users in user-friendly and user-centered design.

Product Page

One of the core pages was the Product page, where we’ve created a useful interface for vendor codes and crosses - it’s the actual sense of the catalog. This page was well-thought and cleaned as to the fact that it’s the final destination of the catalog search and easy navigation here makes a strict impact on the conversion.

Near 100 layouts & FrontEnd

It’s our biggest project as well, cause we’ve designed more than 30 unique layouts in UX Prototype, then in 3 variants for each layout for the responsive design and then we’ve made the full FrontEnd works. The structure and the idea of the project is awesome and complicated, that makes it even more interesting.
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Mobile version

Such a huge interface structure was created with almost the main thought - to make it responsive and useful on mobile devices. That’s why we’ve taken in mind almost from the start the mobile-first design, cause there was no chance to make a mistake or it will make a big impact on the whole design.The responsive versions showed their effectiveness in practice.
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