Put It Forward

AI Data Platform

USA, Austin
Conversion-driven Product-Oriented Home Page Design creation for the United States AI Data Platform’s website “Put It Forward”
Mark is a CEO of the company and he was the customer for this project and his main problem was to create a totally new structure for their product’s Home page with Conversion Focus in mind. We’ve helped him. Visit website
Before / After

We’ve created a totally new UX and UI of the Home page with upgraded Call To Actions, modern and stylish.

Original Image After
Modified Image Before
Concept creation

We made a deep analysis of the niche and competitors’ websites and this information gave us a lot of thoughts on how to improve the existing Home page structure and concept to take the lead after the launch.

Home page

We designed all blocks with one core idea in mind - proper submission of information, cause the customer had a list of requirements on how the block should create the behaviour and feelings of the users as potential clients according to the gathered data about the Target Audience.

Interactive blocks

The structure of the page consists of different blocks with very different goals, that’s why they are sometimes complicated and structural - the mass of the information was pretty big.

Smooth and interactive

After the completion of the design layouts we’ve created a nice one animation for the next stage - implementation - and showed how it can interact improving the feeling about the website.
  • Mobile
  • Mobile
  • Mobile

Mobile version

As to the fact that the huge part of the website’s traffic is from mobile devices the responsive layout was a very important part of the work and we’ve produced a well-thought and structured layout.

Client's review

Mark Cowan - CEO at Put It Forward
Very collaborative. Won't hesitate to continue next phase of project.
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