Exhibition Maintenance Company

Russia, Ekaterinburg
Promo Interactive Website design & development for the Russian Exhibition Maintenance Company “R2Group”.
The main idea for the website of R2Group company was to show in an interactive way, using video and interesting animation, what the main services of their business are. Non-standard structure and animated presentation lots of elements were the core. Visit website
Realization of the concept

The whole website was divided into few logical segments, and for each segment we’ve created its own structure and the type of the animation and content interaction logic.

About us Page

Even for the content page - About us - we’ve created a unique layout with active elements and with Usability in mind made a useful content structure to show up the full information about the company.

Global feeling

The diversity of photos and videos on the website has been a part of the global idea to give the visitors the atmosphere and the soul of the company and its services. After all, outdoor advertising can be beautiful - just need to look at the right angle.
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Mobile version

Most of the interactive elements we’ve left on the mobile version, but for sure some of them we’ve deleted to make it maximum usable. Nevertheless, the website on mobile devices looks the same cool as on desktop.
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