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Interior Design Company

Ukraine, Kyiv
E-Commerce website design for the Ukrainian Interior Design Company “Ruda”.
The strongest side of the company is unique and hand-made interior items. That was the main idea of the design - to show high-quality photos of the products integrated in the interface. Clean look, minimalism and modern look were the important objectives.
Art visual style

Production of the Ruda company has a very interesting view and it was necessary to take into account this moment in the design. That’s why the art design style was the main focus through all the pages that we’ve created.

Product Page

The website is e-Commerce, so one of the core pages was the product page. We’ve thought about usability and conversion on this layout and made it user-friendly.

Global website feeling

The niche of the website inspired us to create it with a non-usual structure and with a big attention to the images. Some of the pages we’ve created are one-screen.
  • Mobile
  • Mobile
  • Mobile

Mobile version

We’ve created the mobile version with maximum visual effect to not lose the art spirit of the website - that's why we’ve left most of the photos in the interface, but of course with the main thought of Usability.
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