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Spare Parts

Industrial MRO Company

Ireland, Dublin
Conversion-driven e-Commerce Website redesign for the Irish B2B Industrial MRO Company “Spare Parts”.
The essence of the redesign was to explain more accurately the company's business adding new corporate blocks, improve the product category navigation for the users, improve the seo strategy and add missing/new features.
Indicators of the company:

1€ mln

annual turnover


spare parts

Previous version of the website had less features and troubles with the structure in the header. For that we’ve created a new structure and new vision.

Original Image After
Modified Image Before
First screen challenge

The main active element for the user is a search bar, but on the old version it was unuseful and boring. We’ve added an animated background and restructured the header, for the search bar created a CTA button.

Home Page

Total rebuild of the page gave it a new modern look, with more space and “air”, new blocks and absolutely new structure for new business goals. One of the emphasises is on the “Popular goods” block - it represents the production in an interactive way.

New design style

We decided to change the design style to a totally new variant, because the website in the future will have more than 15 inner pages, and it’s very important to give the right direction for the whole website feeling and Usability.
  • Mobile
  • Mobile
  • Mobile

Mobile version

50+% of the website’s traffic is from mobile devices, so the website redesign had big mobile-first objectives in return for the old awful mobile version.

Client's review

Pedro Hidalgo (Company Member)
We had a good experience with this company, the communication is great and their work process is well thought.
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