THC Delivery

Cannabis Dispensary

Canada, Vancouver
Conversion-driven e-Commerce Website redesign & rebuilding for the Canadian Cannabis Dispensary “THC Delivery”
The existed website had troubles with the structure, lead generation, mobile responsiveness and the most important - security, cause the owner, Charlotte, faced a situation where the database of clients had been stolen. All of those problems we were ready to solve. Visit website
Company’s indicators :


monthly income

22$ mln

annual turnover up to
Before / After

You can see the big difference between old and new versions, especially in ideological point.

Original Image After
Modified Image Before
Website structure

We’ve collected the full information from the customer about the functionality of the website that she wanted to have, what are the scenarios for users’ behaviour and based on that created a mindmap.

First version

We’ve created the UI design for all pages in desktop and mobile versions. The main idea was to take into account the wishes of the Charlotte - black theme, style like on references and global feeling of the website.

Final version

The correction was about the functionality, cause the business model of Charlotte's business had changed and we decided to separate the launch of the website in two stages. According to this moment the style was corrected two.

Loyalty system

We designed a system of points for each user, where each level was giving an additional discount and bonuses for the client.

Website security

THC Delivery as mentioned above had problems with the security fo the website, so we’ve collected all the problems and solved them by the list of features like server and its settings, cloud flare, 2-factor authorization, additional security in the WordPress admin panel and some other.
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Mobile version

For this business mobile devices have a big priority, so the responsiveness and stable work on all types of devices was one of the top goals.
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