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UAE, Dubai
Conversion-driven B2B & B2C e-Commerce Website creation for the United Arabian Emirates Smart Home Solutions Company “Unihoms”.
As to the fact that it was the start of this company they pointed to a lot of goals they wanted to achieve. One of the most important was the creation of a B2B and B2C parts of the same website. We’ve approved this challenge. Visit website
Website structure

According to the non-standard combination of simultaneous presence of B2B and B2C parts on the website at the same time we’ve figured out how it will form the structure and user path map. After a few discussions and revisions with the customer we’ve approved the most effective structure.

Concept creation

The niche of this project is not much widespread in the Arabian region, so we’ve analyzed worldwide competitors and formed the concept for Unihoms, how it should induce users to behaviour on the website.


Based on the full UX vision and Concept we’ve created the UI Design for the Home page and Inner pages. The big emphasis we made on the animation of the Home page, where we’ve created the “Night mode”, which is turning on the night version of the page with ambient light around buttons and some objects. Plus we’ve set the color picker, where in hand mode users can change the color of the ambient light in real time. It’s like a part of the smart home solution.

B2C part

The second and important goal was a Conversion-Driven and Effective shop part of the website, where users can buy the smart home decisions for their personal use. We’ve used the best pre-buy practices to show the strong sides of all categories and products

SEO Challenge

Unihoms is a new website, so we’ve taken into account the recommendations from the customer's SEO developer and used a check-list to form the structure of most of the pages.

Nig ht mode

We’ve created a color picker, which is working in real time and changing the ambient light on the whole Home page hovers, buttons and elements + night mode looks great and presents the smart home solutions (Unihoms products) association.
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Mobile version

The big % of the website’s traffic was expected to be from mobile devices, so the website creation had big responsive objectives. We’ve handled it and as a result - the website became useful from all the types of the devices.

Client's review

Mohammad Bakkour (President of Unihoms)
Top Notch Team, Great communication to the smallest details, respectable manner and adhere to deadlines.

I’m the president of Unihoms, a smart home automation company. We’re manufacturers of smart home solutions.

We did a thorough search for a company to hire. I interviewed around 20 different agencies. Many companies overpromise, but MakeING didn’t do it. They gave us a very systematic approach to our vision at the initial stage. The way they managed projects and how they were very systemized attracted us the most to go with them. The website’s benchmarks were good, and its speed was great. The structure of the website was essential to the site mapping because it helps in the search engines. No matter how many revisions I needed, MakeING provided me with endless support — some agencies won’t do that because it’s time-consuming.

Follow their plan and systematic approach. They have a very good system for project management and a 3-4 step process that worked very well with us.Highly recommended.
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