Property Management System

USA, Miami
Effective and Usability-Driven Web App Dashboard Design for the United States Property Management System "StaySoFlo".
The project consists of two parts - Web Dashboard design and Landing page design. So, in this case it was a hybrid work process with many iterations and close collaboration with the customer. Visit website
Niche analysis & UX prototyping

Web apps and dashboards are very complicated essences, where the data is defining how it should work and interact with users. That’s why we made a deep dive into all business processes of the customer’s idea and connected them with the structure they wanted to create and we filled that structure with well-rounded and usability first content.


The hardest part of the task was to create the main scope of the elements and types of the blocks, that will be repeated in some parts of the dashboard. In this case the most pleasurable fact was that the first page with a presentation of the style for the whole project has been accepted by the customer without any changes - it’s a success!

Landing page

Except for the dashboard web app design we’ve created a web page design for the customer’s website.


In the niche of web app design it is very important to create a maximally unique design based on all requirements and goals of the customer. Phew, we succeeded :)
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